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Mad Caddies - Rockupation

Wasn′t too long ago that you could go to a show
Without trying to be somebody you′re not
Now the tables are turned and you′re getting burned
Don′t let em tell you it rocks
It′s all about what you wear the color of your hair
And how many tattoos you got on your arm
So how did we get here where′d it all go wrong
Flying through the airwaves coming into your home
All the suits in Hollywood are gonna roll in al the dough
Tell me that you need it tell me that you feel it this is the new sensation
Come on and just try it you know you can′t fight it this is gonna sweep the nation
I think back to the day when all the bands used to play
Without giving a shit about what was in
Now it has changed scenes rearranged
Let′s start it over again
What really matters to me so easy to see
It′s staring us right in the face
We gotta put it behind get back in line
We gotta save this dying race
I don′t think you feel it I don′t think you need it this is no new sensation
I don′t think you need it I don′t think you feel it why don′t change the fucking station


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