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Mad Caddies - Day By Day

My situation brings me down again
Boredom wraps it′s arms around me
My inhibitions were thrown out the door so long ago
Now I sit here and I can′t breathe
I feel I′m going nowhere fast
I ask myself how long this is gonna last
So I go day by day
And it feels the same way
Laugh at all the jokes I′ve heard before
On and on I turn the same page
Drunk and lying passed out the floor
What for
These complications have been here for so long
I don′t think they′re ever gonna leave
Tired of dealing with motivation
Stagnant as the water that I′m gonna drown my head in
Soon you′ll see
The reason the season
Locked up inside I′m screaming
I′m trying defying everything that wasn′t right
To get out of here


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