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Mad Caddies - Cup O′Tea

You don′t know where I′m going
You ask me where I′ve been
You wish you couldn′t understand
I′m gonna fight this till the end
Local girls and you wont see the problem fast its you and me
In the end I need em but you left and were not there
Why do you put me down for who I am and what I do
I am just a person trying to live my life just like you
You got your fancy suit yeah you got your caviar
I′m just a young punk with a microphone and a guitar
It′s not a cup of my tea
Environmental madness
It shouldn′t be
Baggy pants
Stupid hats
Talking bout their loaded gats
They′re wannabes
Work all day sleep all night
They don′t know what it′s like to fight
They′re yuppies
It′s not my cup of tea
So don′t talk trash to me
How can you step up to me and tell me how to look
Trying to tell me how to dress or even how to cook
Who are you to judge what I do in my own home
Who are you to say what I can and cannot grow
Why do you control my life and my own property
Everything I have and own cannot be taken easily
You always tell me what to do and what to say
Now it′s time to stand up and do it my own way


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