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Zebrahead - Jag Off

Well I′m back again, you thought you got rid of me
I talk too much and all I care about is me
I′m back again I′m here to waste more time of yours
I just needed a couple of bucks or maybe more
Well let me throw my two cents in then I′m out
Just want to let you know kid that I got clout
And I′ll use it in another night cause I choose it
Got to run through cause you know I got to make this last

Well I′m back again, I wonder why you?re never home
I called ten times today, I guess you weren′t alone
I′m back again, some things that I need to do
I need to borrow your car, I′ll get it back by two

Second time through and I know you got some cash
Need a little dough cause I got to hook up a stash
Right? Or maybe stay the night
Just say no and I′ll act like I′ll go
And you said 1, 2, 3 go!

Hey kid where you running off to?
I know you want me can′t live without me
Say kid, where you running off to?
I know you want me and you′ll be back again

Well I′m back again, and full of immaturity
I failed re-hab, got fired from the KFC
I′m back again, I see you when you stare at me
I know you love it and late at night I′m in your dreams

Wait a minute now why you trippin′
Need a place to stay for the weekend
Listen cause I′m speaking
Maybe take your car for a ride
Pick up my man Zummy waiting outside
Goldtoof said 1, 2, 3 no!

Chim-check it
008 coming out first rate
Take a trip to your place even though you got a date
And I know it′s just a game that you′re playing
I′m saying that your boyfriend is a dork so I′m staying
So check me
And no I won′t ask, you won′t let me
Take all of your money if you bet me
Are you sorry that you met me?
My time is all up so kid I got to go
A day in the life of super ho, go!

Hey kid, where you running off to?
Don′t you want to roll back around again?
Hey kid, don′t you want to be rocking out too?
Don′t you want to roll back around again?


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