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Влад Соколовский - Spanish Cafe

Влад Соколовский — Spanish Cafe

Couplet 1

Breaking news

I’m into you

It’s what i found

And there’s no doubt

I know it’s true

I’m into you too deep

This is it

I’m at your feet

From the first sight

And it seems right

So this is it

I’m at your feet my dear


Oh, remember that Spanish Cafe


Oh, remember the words that you said

I’m still hear them

Oh, remember that Spanish Cafe

Where i saw your face

Couplet 2

Breaking news

It’s up to you

To rule my world

Or to be won

You know it is true

It’s up to you tonight, tonight

Take my hand

To understand

I love you, so

Can’t let you go

Just take my hand

To understand my heart



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