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T.I. - Get Loose

f/ Nelly

[T.I. talking]
Ay, I wanna see you dance like them girls in that Tip Drill video... (ay, ay, ay...)

[Intro] (T.I.)
Ay, let me see you
get loose

Get loose
get loose
, get loose
Ay,shawty, you can get loose
Get loose, get loose

Ay shawty, bust it open for me
Let me see you get loose
If you really wanna show me that you love me, get loose
No Grey Goose, if you don′t get loose
Get up out the coupe if you won′t get loose
Bend it over, reach for yo toe, get loose
Hold on to the pole, drop it low and get loose
No x-o if you don′t wanna get loose
No more dro unless you gonna get loose

[Verse 1] (T.I.)
My potnas in the club and we chillin′ to the max
Poppin′ bottles, blowin′ money, we ain′t learn how to act
All in the V.I.P. spendin′ four or five stacks
You can tell it′s T.I.P. from how I bend my hat
Send the waitress to the bar but she comin′ right back
Bet a shot of x-o′ll get you on the right track
You got yo girl with you, better hold her hand, I′m a mack on attack
Turn yo head and she bound to get snatched
Give the dick to her once, get her hooked like crack
Takin′ cum in the face, yea I like it like that
Holdin′ on to her waist while I hit it from the back
If she come wit *Pussy Popper* she ain′t never comin′ back
Rough sex, talkin′ dirty, yea she into all that
Gotta movie that′ll prove that what I′m sayin′ is all fact
Bra and panties all black and some real tall stacks
Suckin′ titties, eatin′ cat, shot her off the meat rack

[Chorus] - repeat

[Verse 2] (Nelly)
Let me see you drop it down, get that eagle on girl
Ain′t no fuckin′ way I′m leavin′ here alone girl
Money ain′t a thang to the uncut kind
Baby, I can make a mill if I rap or if I sing
Done tryina ball ma, I own a damn team
Even with the news nigga, still can′t hang
Let me tell you who I′m is
Lunatic mayne, straight up out the ??? land
Nine on my right, ten more karats on my other hand
In different colors mayne, worth a couple hundred grand
Damn mama, how you do that there?
How yo waist stay still but you move that there
Ain′t got a clue right there
Seen a lotta ass poppin′, but that′s new right there
You invited to the house ma, you and yo crew right there
Check it, okay let′s have some fun
I got four G′s and 5 five G′s in one

[Chorus] - repeat

[Verse 3]
You ready to get loose, shawty, better be
Sittin′ on them leather seats
If not, pat yo feet on the concrete merely
Freak by choice, not force, I would never be
Charged with a rape, if she say no, I′ma let her be
Why should I let that worry me?
Too many bitches cherish me
Pimp til I die, be a playa til they bary me
Renegade, I′ma keep it pimpin′, I ain′t finna play
Anyway, I can hit the baddest bitches anyday
Slept with the best, I ain′t gotta flex
Got yo girl stretched out, pullin′ up her dress
Checkin′ out ???, I′m impressed
G-strings right in the middle of them wet
Her girlfriends with her and all of them next
I passed them a bottle, gave all of them X
Head *Pussy Popper*, so all them expect
The best sex, and that′s what all of them get

[Chorus] - repeat

[Jazze Pha talking]
Woooo weeee
Ladies and gentleman
This is a Jazze Phinzell, producshinzell
T.I., Nelly Nell, Phizzle Phizzle..
Grand Hustle, Sho Nuff


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