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The Calling - One By One

He stands alone outside the blooming yard
All is calm there on the street
The shadows pass him hung right over
The pain on his face he knew he′d keep...
His hair is long, and it′s twisted, it′s twisted
Around the smile spread cheek to cheek
Another child, another soul, grabs a hold
To the metal that will end his misery...


One by one
We stand beneath the sun
With arms high open wide
Two by two
He′s getting you
To watch him as he leaves this life he knew

How much anger is set aside
As each one of us cries
Red light they come and they take him away
In the thoughts, he′ll be better, some day...
Tied tight, can′t see out your eyes
That he′s sure to shine, sure to shine
In this deep dark, fucked up, played out, reality show
So, who′s the man, with the plan,
Eating up all that he can?
Don′t you see, don′t you see...


Do you ever think that things are meant to be?
I know we all have our reasons why
And now the power of one human being
Has gone and changed so many lives...


One by one
We start to come undone...
Two by two
He′s getting through to you...

One by one
we stand, we stand, we stand, over,
over, you...


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