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Taproot - Justice is Blindfolded

Justice wears a blindfold...justice is blind to my kind w/ an open mind you will find that the truth

will set you free to be yourself, equality is unheard of, in this establishment pre-judicial
M where money talks I am unheard disciples from hate in control loud and clear it′s not fair, open

our ears and our minds will follow, equal voice volume no longer hollow w/ this blindfold....it
Hateful and cold what we′re told′s another lie, spit out by, our nation of misinformation their

hearts like cement heavy and thick like mud no brother can afford a lawyer to correct what′s been
, innocence is money, no cash, I just look funny, ain′t hired ′cause my life′s a parole, to bad it′s

my life you fuckin′ stole, you can′t take away my free-dumb this ostracising way of life you′
Ading it′s bleeding ignorance infectious to others your influence influenza...you can′t take my life

from me...


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