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Taproot - It′s natural

Why my skin,
My skin is bent and so different,
I don′t even recognize,
Myself anymore;
Who′s this shadow mocking me,
How′s he know so vividly,
Where′s my face I want to know,
Destroyed my taste exposed my soul;

My days seem to be numbered in vain,
My ways seem to allow,
Re-attain the point of view
It′s not just me it′s me and you;

It′s natural
The fear of growing older,

It′s natural
The mirror′s getting meaner,
Until you realize,
You′re meaningful,
And that′ll last forever;

I can see,
I can see beyond me,
The problems that I have,
Are only a blessing;
As the days seem to unwind,
Leave a proud calendar behind,
There′s a place I want to go,
It′s not a race it′s even flow;

I know, there′s no way to break these chains,
More so, I embrace the change,
Entertain that state of mind
Than you don′t ever have to stop time;

As the days seem to go passing by,
Remember that you can′t rewind,
But what you can do
Is not when but who it′s me and you


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