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Simple Plan - You Suck At Love

We started off incredible
Connection undeniable
I swear I thought you were the one forever
But your love was like a loaded gun
You shot me down like everyone
′Cause everyone′s replaceable
When you′re just so incapable
Of getting past skin deep

Guess what, another game over
I got burned, but you′re the real loser
I don′t know why I′ve wasted my time with you
You′re bad news, a history repeating
You can′t trust a serial cheating
You′re good at hooking up but
you suck at love

You played my like an amateur
Then stabbed me like a murderer
I′m left for dead, another one of your victims
It′s not like you′re unpredictable
But your act is so believable
I know it′s nothing personal, it′s just business as usual
You′re good at what you do


Now I kinda feel bad for you
You′re never gonna know
what it′s like to have someone to turn to
Another day, another bed
It′s just a game inside your head

[Chorus x2]

You′ve messed this whole thing up
Well you were such an awesome fuck
you suck at love
you suck at love


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