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Sarah Connor - Bounce

, i anit gon take this no more no

no oh baby yeah no

baby out the door i anit gonna take this no more no

baby out the door get up and move dont make me act a fool


[verse 1]

Said you′re going with your boys today and

"Don′t worry cause I′ll be home late"

But I know you′re cheatin′ out there creepin′

You′ve been freakin′ babe

So let me tell you how it′s going to be

And you can run game but not on me boy

So who the hell are you trying to kid

You know this is what I did


I called your pager and your two-way boy but no response

Start looking and found you in some other women′s arms

Don′t try to front boy cause I saw you there with my own eyes

Just get your stuff boy cause I′m tired of hearing all your lies


Bounce baby out the door

I ain′t gonna take this no more

Bounce baby out the door

Get up and move

Don′t make me act a fool

Just bounce

[verse 2]

Baby boy I know you′ll never find

No stuff as good as mine

She can′t work you like I did

You can look but you know I got that good shit

I know that you′re hating it

But you better stay with the one you′re with

You made your bed and now you have to sleep in it baby



Wait a minute Sarah, give me a chance to explain

I was just talking to shorty, I don′t even know her name

I ain′t looking for no one to come and take your place

Ain′t no one out there baby that can fill your space

No need to find a nickel got a dime at home

Plus I hate every night the freaky way we bone

I ain′t trying to get gone, ain′t trying to roll

I′d rather stay and be a part of your green eyed soul


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