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Robin Thicke - Lonely World

Sexy girl on a plane
Why u sad whats your name
Who u runnin from
Teddy bear pink room
Fresh out of high school
Sweet like the evening sun
Mama says dont u think your special
Daddy says youre my queen
Shes afraid shes goin nowhere
Locked and lost between

But oh lonely girl dont you worry babe
How can you get by
lonely girl dont you see your life
Through someone elses eyes

Egg faced boy on a train
Why U cryin whats your name
Who you runnin from
Packed house shared jeans
Front porch moon beams
Hes gotta get out of this town

No more bible he will travel
Hell learn so much in school
Daddy drinks himself into courage
Says Fuck U Im no fool

Oh lonely boy dont U worry baby
How can u get by
Lonely boy dont you live your life
In someone elses eyes

Lonely girl dont u worry babe
How can u get by
Lonely girl dont u see your life
Through someone elses eyes

Oh Dream on
Dream on dreamers
Keep on dreamin

Beautiful mom can U smile


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