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Q-Tip - Makin′ It Blend

Play it safe, I′ll arrange your wake

My papermate will have my lable-maced album released a later date

Police patrol the city ′til I′m as old as 50

Hat back, clothes won′t fit me, causin fire, old won′t frisk me

My hands are ammunition bailin cons or banned in prison

I′m who you wanna be blowin out your candles wishin

[HOOK 2: both]

["the beat scratched in"]

Makin it, makin it blend

YO... makin it blend


Makin it, makin it blend

Make, makin it blend


Yo, I like a woman wit a bangin body, the face and frame of Halle

Attitude - angry, snotty, speaks slang and cocky

Time to hangin gotta bring a posse

Through rainy days she got me, like Whitney stay wit Bobby


Yo, your cake is in the kitchen, you wish for preminision

It′s turned around by my firm thoughts of demolition

It′s time to numb your run and dim your vision

It′s time to give up the hopes and dreams that made your aquesition


Ain′t gotta drop top dag clothes and roll the 60s

But after shows, ladies drop tops and show their titties

Of course the globe can′t oppose, it′s risky

Or even go against me, I′m WORDS,

so everytime that you flow you spit me


We in the asphault, you cause your last fall

Insult to injury is where we curse the salt

Douse the open wound to the tomb

Its time to sit back and watch professionals in full bloom

[HOOK 1]

[more scratchin til fade out...]


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