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P. Diddy - No More Drama (Remix)

[P. Diddy]
Here we go again
Yeah, that′s right
Here we go again
Ha Ha, yeah
This is the remix
Back together again
Let′s go Mary

All the love we gave
The loving that we made
Then you went away (that′s right)
So I had to pray
See a brighter day
Cause silence let us pray
Now I′m moving on to get away from all this pain

I feel (I feel)
Better than I felt before (so much better)
Cause there′s no more drama knocking at my door
I feel
Better than I felt before
Cause there′s no more drama in my life no more
No More
No More
No More

This is the remix
I like this, come′on

It′s looking better now
A brand new love I found
I finially figured out
What love is all about
And now I′m on my way
And all I have to say
Is there′ll be no crying and I truely believe that


It′s time
To realize (people it′s time)
It′s up
To you and I
Love is what you make it
If you don′t give up the fight
All this really means
Assuring me
Believe in all you dream

[P. Diddy]
Eh yo Mary
I don′t think they ready for this one

Yo it′s the D I D again, D to the weezy
Been in the game twelve years it ain′t easy
Been in dem things got game that so breezy
Spendin′ them things with a chain that′s so freezy
Please believe me, TV need me
As far as the CD, pump that on GP
What′s the 411 hun, it′s PD
MJB collabo with BB
Period, no question no comma
Your hearing is no vest and no armour
Bring it to cats like Bush to Osama
Sippin on vu, make moves and no scama
Word to my mama
Can′t deal with the trama
That why a nigga stay in the Bahamas
Laying in pajamas
Two sexy mamas
Bodyguards, topguns, two extra lamas
I don′t want no drama

[Chorus: 2x]

No more, no more, no more
No more drama y′all
It′s so hard
But I got to say
No more,I said no more, no more
No more, no more, no more

This is the remix
Mary J Blige
No more drama
BadBoy bady
Diddy, Yellowman, Hitmen


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