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Nydvind - Eclipse Over The Shadowed Land

Nocturnal Skies rising above the Nordic Land

Darkness, dusk is rising
Darkness grows, covering the world such a shroud
The frozen light of the sun is dying, in moonshades

Goddess of night throne, blinding queen
Eternal moon reign, on a kingdom of dark shapes
The coldest moon is shining on the frozen land

Forsaken in ancient fears in a dark gleam of eclipse
Our mother Earth is diving into obscurity

Nightshades, the dawn will never rise
Nightshades fall upon a sullen and darkened earth
The sun has failed in storming thunder, in a dying shade

Nocturnal creatures from a distant past
Invisible torments, grinding in the lunar clearness
The claws of night prevail in a last embrace

I, Gaia, condemn humanity to endless night
In fear of my night children, the hunters will become the preys
For having betrayed my creation and soiled the sovereign nature

I, mother Earth, knew atrocious sufferings
And now the time to revenge has come
Under the funeral skies, forever


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