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Malice In Wonderland - The Threefaced King Of The First Dominion

The corpse of the ancient cradled in red
Lies at the bottom of this ice cold lake
Here it now dwells and ready for the stand
Deep in the mountains where but unlight hangs
The grace of malice adorns them now
For what they were even hell to them bows...

Deep malice adorned fruit of the olden empire,
Soon, as midnight′s dusky hour dawns
And senseless the wanderer rests in silence
This is the tree of paradise
Where you shall fall again
I am the three-faced king of the first dominion
The watcher in the twilight, the keeper of the chasm...
Friendly it is to sleep in silence′s whisper
And leave unworshipped the throne supreme...
We are the anointed rulers of the olden side
The alpha and the omega
The beginning and the end

Enthroned on skulls in the land of the dead
Where silence rules and the sun isn′t set
Gather in vein start their dreaded quest
To bring the reign of light to an end
Painful bliss and the sweet touch of death
Raping silence to bring chaos back
Evil spells of the sinister kind
Words of god are but unheard now...


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