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Ludacris - Ya Heard


California - New York
Chictown know how I get down
MIA, ATL wassup
Houston, Frisco
Detroit get money just like LO
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: The Game]

You see that cherry-red Phantom on them big ass wheels
See I be playing with them cars I′m like a big ass kid
Crazy with that cap gun
So if we play Cops ′n′ Robbers, I′ll show you how to pop revolvers
Fit a cap too big, so it cover my eyes
That Lambo that ain′t shit, just a public disguise
And that top model chick, she for the diamond lane
And I be driving all crazy coz my diamond chain is (bright)
As them Las Vegas lights
It be the same in California when I′m riding at night
And New York I be in midtown, up and down Broadway
Having meetings all day baby my future is (bright)
As LeBrons take off from anybody
Tyra Banks on my arm, we′ll crash any party
Yeah, making it rain ain′t got shit on me
The way I ball the fucking owner should come sit on me
Yeah I′m fresh out of jail, you shoulda knew I was back
Turn on the radio, its a wrap

[Verse 2: Ludacris]

Don′t you hear it? That nigga named Luda
Slicker than Ricta ruler, whoop as like Lex Luger
My money long, your shit is shorter than Oompa-Loompas
And I′ll Superman YOU and that ass like Lex Luther
I′ll take you to meet your maker
Right next to the Staples Center I′ll take you to see the Lakers (SWISH!)
On that Cali cush smoking like a muffler
So many red flags I could of sworn I was in Russia
I got the fame and the fortune, Compton is scorching
Get rid of bullets, my gun keeps having abortions
I ain′t having it (Nope) see ′em in the dead zone
Fake film boys, there′s more bass up in my headphones
Adjust your treble, I′m heavier than metal
My verses are hot as shit like I recorded with the devil
I′m on another level, they stuck on the elevator
And I′m about to blow this bitch, Game press the detanator
Fresh out of Georgia you heard I was back
Turn off the radio, its a wrap

[Verse 3: The Game]

See I come from the bottom, and they call me The Game
But I′m just happy that Beyonce know my name
I took that Dr Dre money and I bought me a chain
Then I bought me a house, then I bought me a Range
Then I bought me some pussy, then I bought me some brains
But I ain′t buying that the best rappers is Kanye and Wayne
See, both of them niggaz spit, but y′all act like you don′t hear me spit
Like selling 7 million records ain′t the shit
I don′t win no Grammy′s, I′m too gangsta
And poppin Cristyle with Irv don′t make me a Wanksta
See I′m California certified, my niggaz make the murder rise
Read my fan mail in jail, Buck told Curtis "bye"
So I′ma break it down for them niggaz in the South
Slow it down, put this rose phantom (grill in my mouth)
Throw the Prada slippers on when I walk in my house
P Diddy and Tommy Lee know what I′m talking about
See I′m fresh out of jail I know you heard I was back
Turn up the radio, its a wrap


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