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Lostprophets - Start Something

Start today, now show us how you feel
Make your way, it′s time to choose
Have my say, I know, I know what I see
Have my say, they think you′ll lose
For all this to mean so much to me
For all this, you make a move
Pass you by, it′s all in this life you have
Pass you by, goodbye to you

1, 2, 3, 4 Move
If you don′t stop there, you′ll make it through.
Stop dreaming,
start something
When it′s in your hand just start anew

It′s ok to use your ability
You must know, it′s hard to choose
Time will tell, it′s hard that the way you feel
means you always seem to lose
Seize the day, the one that you left behind
It seems so strange that you don′t move
Frozen still in front of your own lights
Win or lose, its time to choose



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