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Liz Phair - Only Son

All these babies are born
To the wrong kind of people
And I wish I had known
I was not good enough
I′m the worst kind of son
Bringing shame to my family
And I know I have worn
My mother′s heart out, believe me
I saw it
I saw it coming

All these things I have done
To my little little sister
When I try to support her
She don′t believe
Why should she?
I mean, I hurt her

So goodbye, so long, I′m gone already
I′m running out of time
I′m losing my mind
Won′t you come take me home?
Won′t somebody hold me?

All these babies are born
Like a field full of poppies
Who′s gonna know which are torn?
I believe I′ll soon leave the meadow
I see my shadow


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