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Lil Wayne - Feel Me

So Lil Wayne, what′s your motivation?
Is that really a question? Do you really have that written down in your notepad?
You should be ashamed of yourself. You smell me girl, I smell like money
See, that′s what they don′t understand, to me, it was always get money or die
I come up under Birdman, Number One Stunna knowhatimean?
I′m Stunna Junior, and that′s all I know, that′s all I ever knew
Get money or get nuttin, knowhati′msayin?
And I feel that way, forreal

So hard I go, I keep pushin
The games so crazy, I′m in it like deep pussy
I got chips, I′m tryin to get the whole cookie
Used to make a thousand dollars every time I played hookie (YEA!)
Dwayne Carter absent, keep lookin
I′m present on the block, I′m a legend on the block (YEA!)
Ice so bright, like heaven on the watch
Yea nigga I done dropped one eleven on the waaatch (ugh)
So waaatch and see what I do
Breeze by ya so fast, gotcha sneezin, hachoo!
They got the shivers, man I got the fever
I gotta bring the hood back after Katrina!
Weezy F Baby, now the F is for Fema
Sick nigga, bitch I spit that leukemia (Bitch!)
Yea, no cure, no help
So me, so good, so hard, so felt,

And that′s just my point right there
that′s what I′m always tryin to stress, knowhati′msayin?
If you don′t understand me, if you don′t
feel me
then you ain′t real, in my eyes
And that′s all that count to me, you know?
So, is your music considered the voice of urban America, or America period?
I mean, I would say, the voice of the hood, cause that′s who I speak for
And myself, knowhatimean my family, that′s who I represent
My homies, my girl, my life, ya know?

Bang this shit, nigga, pump my shit
Gotta bang that wimp, and go and dump that bitch
You gotta go and claim that strip and go and flood that bitch
You got aim that shit and straight bust that shit
Like muthafuck them niggaz, what they wan do, I′m ready
Tethered camo, no homo, black Rambo
Fuckin wit the boy, baby that′s a gamble
If we were in Vegas, leave ′em on the crap table
I′m willin and I′m able to come and run up in ya stable
Like nobody make a sound, where the paper, where the paper?
Gotta get it, gotta have it once I got it, I′ma spend it
He′s back from doin any damn thing just to get it
The re-ups be like birthday party
No room to park the cars in the garages
So outside the cribs all you see is the roggies
If I ain′t say it right, fuck it, I ain′t foreign

Ya see, that′s where everybody get me wrong, knowhatimean
I got that heat rock, forreal
Why do you think that other rappers lack the impact of your music?
That′s because they ain′t got that heat rock like me, knowhatimean?
They ain′t spittin like me, they spittin, but, knowhatimean, they ain′t got colds
I got the flu over here man, forreal, I need relief. Ya′ll help me, forreal
(laughing) I know y′all sick of me, cause I′m tired of y′all, forreal

And based on the bank, I′m doin much better than a lotta of these niggaz
I′m tired of these niggaz
Yawnin when I see em′, make me stretch and pull the burner
I′m cockin back and passin, they catch it ′em in they sternum
Ohhh ohhh, that gon prolly burn ya
That gon prolly learn ya, to never ever ever (What?)
Ever ever ever, come around here no more
Rich gangstas over here, you gotta die when ya broke BITCH!
I′m the God, I should ride wit the Pope
But the boy′s so hood, I just ride wit my ho (YEA!)
Yea, and tell about Hollygrove
Tell about my last show, tell about my last ho
You know, just born to mack
Call me Deion Sanders bring the corner back (YEA)
I′m in my prime, niggaz fallin back
That′s right, I′m comin baby, yea, hard as crack, FEEL ME!

That′s just what it is, if you don′t like my shit
then fuck you and your shit, man straight up
That′s how I was taught, that′s how I was brought up
that′s how I′ma go down man, forreal
Cash Money, Young Money in ya muffuckin throat bitch, swallow slow
Weezy F Baby, this interview is over, go to the next song...BITCH!


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