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Lil Mama - L.I.F.E.

L is for the liars that have surrounded me
I insurities my head down in these streets
F my future there isn′t 1
E Eternal hope
This is my life

I wake up every day to the same old foster mother
I ain′t got no pictures of my mother
She was a crack fiend nothing like pot mother
She didn′t make a difference if though she
Could′ve I′m a shame shame of my life
Pappa cracky sold me twice
On a late night stopped by
And look in my eyes
Bags from the tears that I′ve cried
And the people who lied
Telling me that this is my place
Phony & try smile In my face
When I should have know something
Was rare smiled when she opened the mail
Kept a nice mink on her back
Meanwhile I got a goose & my goose got patches
I′m so mad this is me
I′m so hurt this is me
So I shouldn′t be
Well I goin be alright cause


I′m pregnant by a dude & he not 16
But I like his style & his whipp is mean
My mama told me to find a man to take care
Of me & he does buy me things but he beats on me
I come to her for a little advice
So I show up with a black eye
Telling me to know my place so I stay
Waiting for my body phase
Telling myself it just a little pregnancy phase
When all in reality I′m being discourage & disrespected
And under the pressure & I don′t really blame the man
I blame my mother for not teaching me the different types of man
Life could never understand my side of story being that it′s so consist 18 years
And 9 months developing raised in a prison I guess I′ll never make a difference


Born on to another is the least
Of my problems
Parents like deja vu
My stomach is starving
3 months pregnant idiotically I departed
So ashame of a life that was started
I ask god if he can take the pain away
He made me in denial of every word I pray
Every day it′s the same old no talent I′m feeling like
My life is unbalanced no telling what tomorrow going look
Like yea right wrapped up in a fast light for a sudicial
Act why is my life set up for a failure I can care
Less with the people say to ya′ll we break out
In rage venting all the hurt inside who am I
To tell you what you fail to realize the voice that you hold
Within you the voice that you are
The Voice Of The Young People!



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