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Kaye Styles - Don′t Cry

(feat. Johnny Logan)

Yeah l just want you to know that, you know
You′re always on my mind
l was thinking about all those days we had
all those lovely times we spend, you know
This one is for you

Hold me now

Don′t cry
, don′t say a word
Just hold me now and l
Will know though we′re apart
We′ll aways be together
Forever in love
So what do you say when words are not enough

lt′s been going down
On a day like this
When you′re not around
You′re the one l miss

We can spend some times
We can pop some crisps
It′s a celebration for you and me (you and me)


Sometimes an explanation doesn′t
Say what it means
But in the bottom of your heart
A true desire reveals
It really likes what it′s looking at
Making you feel
Like back in the days
We was keeping it real
I used to hold your hand
Walk in the park
In the dark
Whisper in your ear
l′ll always be there
That′s why l want you back like that
You′re feeling this track
We′ve been kickin′ it for years now
I′m willing you back


You′re the reason of true love
True hugs, true kisses
The desire that makes
A true player switches
From his games
To the morherfuckin′ fair play
But ain′t no doubt,
I′m kicking that all day
All night, alright
Is that alright with you?
′Cause l just wanna hold you tight



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