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Jesse McCartney - Just Go

I trusted you
Yeah that would be my first mistake
Yeah I...I′ve been lied to
Your eyes are ice cold blue
A mirror of the heart inside of you

You can′t walk back in my life
You had your chance to be by my side
I don′t have to hear you cry to know


Just go
I gave you my word and I promised to love you
Go, it′s over
You had your chance

Just go
There′s nothing inside me that still feels connected to you
To me you′re already gone

I got a new love now
She′s my new love now
And she loves me so
Takes me where you never took me
Although you tried too
Her eyes they read so true
So different from the way it was with you

I don′t need you in my life
Forgot what it′s like to be satisfied
I don′t wanna hear you cry ′cause I know


Takin′ a look at these photographs
Fightin′ my tears I try to relax
′Cause you came and you left and it all went by so fast

[Chorus X2]

I got a new love now
I trusted you
And that would be my first mistake


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