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Jay Sean - One Minute

Baby girl I want you to just listen for a while
Put your arguments on hold so you can try to hear me out
Coz everytime we try to talk it out, you just deny
That the spark is gone and something′s wrong with you and I

I said I will change, I′m gonna try
It ain′t enough and I wonder why
What do you want?
What do you need?
I got the feeling it isn′t me
Another day, another fight
I′m in the wrong, guess you′re in the right
Is this a game? Coz we′re gonna lose
Girl, I′m so confused


One minute
I love you
Next minute I hate you

One minute
I need you
So, baby, tell me, what am I to do?

One minute
of sunshine
No, it ain′t enough to keep me here
Coz it′ll pass us by and and leave us in the cold

Is this how it′s meant to be?
Is love just one confusing game?
And we′re just pawns that don′t know all the rules but play it anyway
Coz everyday′s a drama, one we′ve seen a thousand times
Girl, to me it seems you love messing with my mind
You gotta change, you gotta try
It ain′t enough and I wonder why
Coz what you want and what you need
I got the feeling it isn′t me
Some other day, some other time
Maybe you and I would′ve been alright
It was a game, didn′t know the rules
Now it′s left me torn in two


Get away, get away from me
Girl, won′t you just sail away, yeah
Get away, get away from me
Coz I don′t love you no longer, no longer


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