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Imogen Heap - Whatever

You, you come to me
So perfectly yeah
So perfectly made

And yeah all that you are
And yeah all that you said
You′re so exquisitely bred
Hmm yeah what more can i say

So yeah, yeah
I guess its alright
Yeah, no
I guess it′s alright
Yeah no
I guess its alright
Yeah no
I guess its alright

And i, i hate ya for
For letting me fall for you
Just like a fool

And now im all psyching out
Hmm ′cause all were about
Is this ugly phone and its all i have
To look forward to, yeah.

Dreaming, of you lyin in my bed
Just like how we were just days before
Oh just leave me just get out of my head
′cause i cant take this torture any more

Youre so far away, yeah
Why are you so far away
From me.


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