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I.F.K. - Greenpeace

Black butterfly sittin on tha wrinkled flower Born white she′s outcome of industrial powa
She search′s tha nectar, but finds only shit Tha man — tha King took care of it
Somewhere a giant plant is built, somewhere use dynamite
Nobode cares about tha consequenses When tha beasts mutate, when they dissapear
When tha forrests fall, when tha seas are sear when I′m lookin on tha planet this fuckin kit
I can′t say: Hay man, I don′t fuck it U look around, look around, look around,man
It happens everywhere: in Iran, France, alaska and Japan
Global plan to suicide ′n I have fear Not in anotha galaxy, not on Venus, it′s near
Say why I must accumulate some fuckin shit in maself
Such things are not healthy, they are not safe
To breath tha shit ′n drink tha shit No, I wanna consume only what I need

′nockin in yo house
U listen FM ′na DJ says That 1000 whales throw themselves out in Norway
Yo′re watchin TV set ′n u learn tha things More stern like by terrible Stephen King
Check it out, u brotha, a foulin world Which′s covered with fuckin radiated dirt
Ozone holes ′n MF acid rain Cool step to tha
, very important step
Say fuck who pollutes oua environment We don′t want to live no more like that
[BlahBlah rap francais]
IFK sing it let′s spare tha nature Now ward of MF to die out danger


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