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Green Day - Restless Heart Syndrome

I′ve got a really bad disease
It′s getting begging on my hands and knees
Take me to the emergency
Cause something seems to be missing
Somebody take the pain away
It′s like an ulcer bleeding in my brain
Send me to the pharmacy so I can lose my memory

I′m elated, medicated
Lord knows I tried to find a way to run away

I think they found another cure
For broken hearts and feeling insecure
You′d be surprised what I endure
What makes you feel so self-assured

I need to find a place to hide
You never know what could be waiting outside
The accidents that you could find
It′s like some kind of suicide

So what kills you, is what impales you
I feel like I′ve been crucified to be satisfied

I′m elated, medicated
I am my own worst enemy
So what ails you is what impales you
You are your own worst enemy
You′re a victim of the system

I′m a victim of my symptom
I am my own worst enemy
You′re a victim of your symptom
You are your own worst enemy
Know your enemy


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