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G Love And Special Sauce - This Ain′t Living

This town′s so hype it′s got soul

As a Philly cat

I′m with the roll

And the swing of my things

How they work like clockwork

Tick tock tick tock

Times aways lurking in your head

Got to go to work and get fed

That man didn′t eat but he goes to sleep

Gets up at dawn not to see the sunrise

But because it′s too damn cold outside

Underneath the bridge they pump the city′s bilge

Into the alley they sweetp the city′s filth

The flowers wilt the flowers wilt

Don′t tell me about no game

Cause that is a man

And his family

Revolution family

Look at the family

Dig the family

They′re living the wrong way

Can′t get nothing

Don′t get nothing all they wanted was

Something like a job -- mercy mercy

But its robbed -- mercy mercy

And there′s so many street side

Beggars and disabled veterans

Glass-eyed and peddling

Drunk and just meddling

So you conclude it′s their fault

They like the street they must like the asphalt

But that is man woman and children

The system has stalled shelter′s home

That′s not what I call it

I call it bad health

Some say help themselves

Yo if you you gots it

Everyone hundred people a dollar in change

Everyone hundred people a dollar in change

This ain′t living

This ain′t living

Oh no

You know it′s rough, had enough fo holding a

Cup full of spare change

The doctor diagnosed me as a

Dome full of bad brains

So, toe to toe with employers

Cause they′re telling me no

Hooked on prescription drugs

So I stay broke, I′d run away

But you can′t run away from

Yourself or your health so

I deal with the cards that I′m dealt

Tweet-a -leet- leet

This morning bird sounding sweet

Though I sleep on the streets

I have a feeling I′m free

From society′s hand picked hypocrisy

Mercy mercy don′t give a damn for me

Mercy mercy now what am I going to eat

Peek through the windows of the restaurant

Peple eating caviar fifth bucks on lunch

A hand-me-down meal

Full of god kows what

Put it away in my gut

Quick and then I wonder

Why I′m sick, brick for brick

I know the city like my hand print

Just a pit in the gutter

Of a skid-row ditch

But I′ll survive the pain

Let me know I′m alive

But I still feel that

This ain′t living

Check my beat dig they rhythm

Me belly full but me hungry so I fill it

Once I start gaining taxes start taking

Cause the governments perfected funk faking

Breaking me down striking me down

What goes around comes around but

I keep rising seeing through the lies and

The surprise comes when I see myself

The music I felt

I′m on

This ain′t living

This ain′t living

Oh no


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