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Emery - The Secret

on the way to grey

i could hardly wait

to see you again

to feel your hands

covering me

til the storm is done

what seemed to be the end

was not the end at all

when i hear the rain

should i be afraid

for my, for my

for my... life

why do you look at me that way?

i told you

that i was too busy to see you

i would never

keep a secret from you

from you

from you

is it over?

i am fine

thank you dearly

for your time

i′ll be leaving

don′t you cry

i′ll be back soon

at least i′ll try

can′t you see

there is no time to think


yesterday′s gone

tomorrow′s here

can′t turn back now

i won′t quit

i still love you

i swear

i always will


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