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Eden′s Crush - Get Over It

Yeah I was right there, like a little wife
I was everything that you need, always in line
I was loving you, loving you, feeling your desires,
that was then, this is now, look me in the eye and...
If love could choose sides
It′s taking mine so...
Chorus: Get over yourself Goodbye (goodbye)
It must be hard to be you yeah, living in your life,
I was always the one to cry (to cry)
Now everything, everything, everything is alright
Get over yourself no right (no right)
Cause without you see I′d do anything I like
Some times I′ll Stay out All night (all night)
And everything, everything, everything is alright.
It just can′t be yeah (you), I can′t tell myself
And every magazine, there was me was on the shelf
I was giving out, giving in, giving ′way my dreams right,
put it in, put me down, now I found my self esteem
Oh, oh-u-oh
Won′t get me back
Oh, oh-u-oh
Don′t worry else again!
So now you wanna talk
Let′s say it′s you that just wants for-fill love
Like old times speak up
Better yet, Just to get, better get away yourself
Stay in touch
When you learn a few things about love,
(tell me baby)
but you′ll then wake up
Better yet, better get, better get away yourself...

Get over yourself good bye,
Over yourself, Over yourself,
Get over yourself good bye,
Over yourself, O, Over yourself,
Get over yourself goodbye!
Without you see I′d do anything i like
Sometimes I′ll stay out all night.
Everything, everything, everything is all right... etc.


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