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De-Phazz - Try

What is that you want from me,
What is it that you all just can′t see,
You don′t like the person who is loving me,
Leave me alone get a life of your own.
Let me be< oh please let me be
Please go away< leave me alone,
to call me and tell me I′m wrong.
Just let me be, become happy
Why are you in the way
I just don′t want to be alone
(I just don′t want to be

What does it bring you all
If you make one of us leave,
All you achieve is you make me hate
Everything thing

I can′t take it you think I won′t make it

I′m falling through the ground,
I′m drowning in the sea,
I′m sufforcating on this Earth oh can this be
I′m just in love why is this happening to me


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