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Cypress Hill - L.I.F.E

Once again
We′re back
It′s the big bad Cypress Hill
You know what time it is
[Beat fades in]
{5x} Whoop
Legalize it,
Cypress Hill will advertise it
Legalize it (Yeah)
Cypress Hill will advertise it
Chorus - Cypress featuring Kokane
Once Upon,
Muggs, Sen Dog *Bing* B-Real and Bobo
L.I.F.E (Now Here it is )
Why, Why, Why (Bo Bo Bo Bo)
Cypress Hill is still here
We′re from *?* those glad emcees
Stilly Puffin Weed, Weed
Why Diddely Why
Why, Why, Why
Never fucked like this
But I smoke blunts like this (Ha!)
People ask: Why you pull stunts like this? (and like that?)
Cuz I believe in doing what I got′ a
A lot′ a people don′t understand nada
The Mic burns you as it turn′s to a slaughter
You wanna think about
Chilling the fuck out
You all (C′mon chill)
Top Allah, Pop color
Niggas, LatinThugs
All my family love winners
Beginners get pushed to back of the pack
Invented and left out without no attack
You′re at the top of the game
But you work on a name
It took one day to put us in the walk of fame (Yo)
Don′t call a name to recall the fame
Eventually Dru Hill is in the hall of fame
You know what the deal is
You know what the HILL is
You know what the B-Real is
You know what my skill is
Chorus &
Hook 4X
[Sen Dog]
I get mental
This ain′t no pad and a pencil
Throw the microphone my only utensil
I tag the cheque like I got nothing to lose (That′s right)
I test myself set up, just shut up
And brew that C-Y-P-R-E-S-S
Got you funky and I real deaf
Put it to the test
And you will confess
Soul Assassins is the best
Check it homeboy, got to spot cracking (echoes)
Sixth LP from that ThugDogLatin
I turn the heat up and keep it hot
Always give ya mo′ and then thank we got
Phreak the HIP HOP and the hot ride
I′m home to make shows and I came right
At first ′self titled′ , became an idol
Back when I was seen in a Sub town barrio
Chorus &
Hook 4X
Now Here it is
Bo Bo Bo Bo
[B Real]
Why Diddely Why
Why, Why, Why


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