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Common - Angel

[Verse 1: Common]
I spent my day so,
First I pray yo, then I lay low, looking for the halo
Or more yayo, my lil′
, reminded me to stay playful
Faitful walks I take in the woods,
Thinkin what′s good, things that I can′t change I should
Things I can′t, need to be understood
Th-this is the bliss, I used to drift from the hood
For a second at least, I′m ressurectin the peace
Pipes the Indians used to like, we called it chief, right
Stepping on the leafs right, to reach heights
Th-th-th-that I never seen, it′s so so evergreen
Some use it for medicine, or to write better things
I was in amsterdam, man, bike pedaling
To the nature spot, to taste the flavors they got
My eyes drop, I like it alot... yeah, an

I wanna turn up the sound, and spread my wings because I′m riding with my (
Going through the city of the Chi, make me feel like I′m in the city of (angels)
Oooh, I wanna fly, fly away with my (angel)
She takes me high, she will always be my (angel)

[Verse 2: The Game]
Th-the way that I rhyme, loc, is mine
Like the first time you heard Mary J and you were standing in line
To purchase tickets to see her blow like Chicago wind
And I′m ridin with Common looking for Chicago zen
And like Chicago winds, I was once a street disciple
Rockin every jordan shoe, Nike put out by Michael
That made me feel like I could fly, sometimes I wanted to die
Prolly cause the angel dust was xxxxxx with my third eye
So I start hip hop and I understand why Common used to love her
She got me open so I even had, had
But I used the rubber, cause she was married to Rakim
So I bought me a gold chain, pretendin that I was him
So I can get close to the girl I loved the most
But she left Cali and went on tour with Ne-Yo and Ghost
Big gave her one more chance, and she took Big down
I should′ve knew it, shot G, and ′Pac told ya she get around


[Verse 3: The Game]
(Fly away, fly away)
My love for her′s not about jewelry or cars
I love her cause she love me, just for who I are
Who I is, who I am, resembles the rims on the Lam′
I shine like Shyne when Barington Levy was sayin
Diddly Whoa!
I got love for the streets, peace to New York and every hood in the East
Before I was ducking cops, gunshots, I used to be an LA Dodger, now I′m a (angel)
From the city of lost souls, Impalas and polished gold
Between the car, and the rims, we got alot of chrome
Your hood not alone, they knockin, we not at home
And when they bust in, we not Cesar, but got it wrong
Cause they tryna wire phones, I′m talkin Verizon phones
The ones they put wires on, they got us on tap
But I put wires on, my Bentley, in fact
I spit it through the wires on a Kanye track


[Outro: Common]
Yeah, it′s The Game and Common
Spread your wings, follow your dreams
Things will be so serene, L-A and the Chi as a team
Yeah, angel supreme, yeah, keep on
Yeah, it′s for the world boy, we do it forever, yeah


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