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Clawfinger - Little Baby

you′re my
little baby
there′s nothing to be scared of,
I promise you, you′re safe right here with me.
you don′t have to cry now,
just keep our little secret,
you′ll never know where daddy hides the keys.

just do what I tell you
If you don′t try to fight it,
than I promise you that it won′t even hurt.
and you know you can trust me,
so move a little closer,
and let me put my hand under your skirt.

this house is not a happy home(4x)

I just wanna touch you,
sneak on down beside you,
and feel the softness of your perfect skin.
don′t be bad about it,
I promise you it′s normal,
′cause loving you could never be a sin.

Don′t you talk about it,
′cause no one will belive you,
they′ll say it′s just one of your bad dreams.
Mommy isn′t home now,
there′s no-one to disturb us,
so nobody will know where daddy′s been.

This house is not a happy home(8x)


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