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Chiddy Bang - Get Up In The Morning

[Intro: conversation]
[Chiddy:] Yo what up.
[Xaphoon:] Doin′ good, how you doin′?
[Chiddy:] Chillin′ man, chillin′, sleepin all day.
[Xaphoon:] [laughs] Wake up man, we got some shit to do, I got a meeting set up here in New York, so

gotta get on that bus. Get up here.
[Chiddy:] Alright, I′m comin′ right now.
[Xaphoon:] You good?
[Chiddy:] Yea, I got it.
[Xaphoon:] Ok man, I′ll see you in a little bit.
[Chiddy:] Iight homie.

Get up in the morning
like don′t you feel the power?
Stand up and stretch together and by the hour, I devour, a beat, not a rap game ours.
Fresh and so clean we making raps in the shower.
Yea, then I hit the boy Xaphoon.
He tell me, "Bro, don′t you know I′m making mad tunes? "
And they wonder why we modest I assume, I remember we recorded in a closet of our room.
Now I′m grinding, oh yea this is perfect timing.
We machine, not hype, they figure we may be climbing.
But like a punishment, gotta be grounded, I get up in New York my parents are so astounded.

Get up in the morning
, and then I hit up Ant, anything you can accomplish man she′ll never say

And I got to drive, my 9-5, they kill your dreams but you gotta keep the grind alive.


Get up in the morning
, staying awake
Ohh, ohhh
Get up in the morning, staying awake
Ohh, ohhh

Yea, hey yo, I get up, after that I get it all lit up.
Feel I got next might as well be playing pick up.
When I get up in the morning, see my shortie might be calling.
The Man on the Moon, got a buzz like Aldrin.
Trust me those records so connected like the cable is.
Check it the record, keep it Epic like the label is.
They heard your beat in Germany, what can you do?
And when I′m getting up, that′s night time for you.
Right I′m the glue, that mean I got that really sticky.
Now we be bringing quarters back I got that really Vicky.
She thinks she′s really with me, but she ain′t really with me.
Ryan Howard with sour I got the Phillies with me.
Never abandon him, old war tactics, bring a cannon in.
Rap is at a stand still, mannequin.
Cool on the floor, born a persona.
If that is the kicks, trust me I′m preferably store owner.
When I get up...

Get up in the morning, staying awake
Ohh, ohhh
Get up in the morning, staying awake
Ohh, ohhh


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