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Chamillionaire - Keep It On The Hush

[Chorus: Lloyd]
At the end of the night if you′re feelin lonely
Keep me on your mind if you need some grown things
Just tell me the time and you know that I′ll be
Rollin up in my ride but nobody′s gonna see
So if you′re feelin like, you′re really lonely
I can hop in my ride, and hit up your street
I got a innocent glide, of lovin only
So just give meet me outside, and I′ll be on the creep
But you know we can {
keep it on the hush
, k-
keep it on the hush
I′ma {
keep it on the hush
, k-keep it on the hush}
I′ma {keep it on the hush, k-keep it on the hush}
I′ma {keep it on the hush, k-keep it on the hush}

Yeah... I pull up in the driveway it′s like the passenger pick-up
Filled your liver with liquor, your silhouette lookin thicker
You would think she a stripper how she unzippin her zipper
Rubberband full of Benjamins got me tempted to tip her
Never leavin a message for evidence when she phony
Talk is cheap so that action the only thing she can show me
If he catch you he catch you, just tell him that I′m your homie
When you see me in public look past me like you don′t know me
Conversation is chasin her, that′s as soon as he leave
Disappear when he near then I reappear like a breeze
You get caught in the process won′t hear no snitchin from me
I′ll zip my lip and I′ll lock it and we can throw away the keys, ha ha


I hear a hello on the line, and that′s when I reply
You let her know that I′m outside waitin
Sittin real low in my ride, you know it on my side
Cause you know how some haters be hatin
Hat′s sittin low (low) Caddy′s sittin low
She ain′t been at home (home) while he lookin fo′ her
While she wit her folk (folk) act like I don′t know her
You already know (know) she do what I told her - keep it on the hush
Pullin up on them Daytons to give her what she been waitin
Four at four in the mornin she′s up and mine for the takin
Three′s a crowd but I′m lovin that crowd participation
So bring a friend if you feel her, leave her hung if she hatin


Cause everywhere I go, people wanna know, who you are to me
So I tell them, you and me are good friends, when the reality is
We creepin on the hush, so keep it on the hush
Do whatever just don′t tell them about us
Keep it on the hush, we creepin on the hush
Do whatever just don′t tell them about us



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