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Cassidy - All By Myself

I don′t have no one, but me myself and I, listen, I gotta get some work done man, I ain′t come in

the studio just to chill, na na, this nigga swizz just flew out, this nigga ne yo sleep, so I′m a go

over to this mp and see if I can come up with my own track to keep it movin′ yea let me try that,

aight, find these drums, yea this knockin, yea that′s crazy right there, yea, I′m feelin that, ok,

let me add these high hats, ok, I think I′m gettin the hang out of this joint man, aight, I′m a make

this beat myself man, now let me add this scratch, ok and the crash, breakdown, add this 808 drum

and get it knockin a lil bit more, that′s crazy, I′m feeling this track right here man, all I gotta

do is spit somethin crazy, it′s a wrap...

[verse 1:]
I′m in the zone
all by myself
I′m alone
all by myself
I′m on my own,
But homes I could set the tone myself,
And make the track that I could rap on myself
I wrote the rap myself, did the track myself, went in the booth produced that myself, I did the bass

did the claps myself, did the drums snares and the high hats myself, uh I play each sound I′m

banging out beats now, the only one with heat now holdin the streets down, I paint pictures

everybody could see but besides god I ain′t got nobody but me...

[hook: x2]
I′m in the zone
all by myself
I′m alone all by myself,
But I don′t need nobody else, but me... and god...

[verse 2:]
I wanna thank my fans, good lookin for the mail,
Cause I was goin through it when they put me in the jail, they put me in the cell, just me and the

rats, and my relationship with god is what kept me relaxed, DA will say anything except for the

facts, and they had alot of evidence except for the gats,
Before they prove you guilty they will treat you like a criminal, they tried to give me first degree

they said it was intentional, I had to get shit together on my own, the media was talkin like I′m

never comin home, me and my mother used to talk together on the phone, she said keep your faith and

you will beat this case, yup

[hook x2]

[verse 3:]
I gotta clique that′ll grip steel for me,
I gotta squad that′ll ride that′ll kill for me,
But I argue and fight with my own mother, and now a days you can′t even trust your own brother,
So make sure you keep your enemies the closest to you, cause your friends will the ones who put the

toasters to you, that′s why u gotta watch your surroundins, cause niggas that can swim love watchin

you drownin, so only real niggas chill with me, but ain′t nobody gonna pay my bills but me, see, you

might got a crew that can help, but if you want it done right u gotta do it yourself

[hook x2]


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