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Calm Gothic - Starvation

- 1 -
People in danger
Famine stepped
To not change
Be absent sage

The counter is empty
Struggle for livelihood
No water no food

- Refrain -
There will come day and hour
Entreaty will leave
The wise man will see us
Will come to me

Infinity not our life
Expect her majesty
The immortal lord
Will amaze our world

- 2 -
Theft! Shout! Death
Blockade is made
Dark how to live?
To steal? Dishonestly!

Blood overflows
Oceans trespassers
Only one dead
Silence saves
Famine our friend!
for us - absence of darkness!
Attrition- It is welcomed!
Pallor a part of a society
The night cold and famine is about us!


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