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C. C. CATCH - Picture Blue Eyes

Love hurts, I′m hypnotised
Baby, love hurts
Strange are the ways of lies
I′m more than a woman
I pretend
Trust me baby to the end
Love is what it means to be so young

Picture blue eyes
I need your sweet love devotion

Picture blue eyes
The countdown of love

Picture blue eyes
Need your sweet emotions
Your diamond smile
Reach for the stars
Oh tonight, oh tonight
Break the rules of the light
And I′m lost in your love
Picture blue eyes
Oh tonight, oh tonight
Oh love′s burning bright
But it′s nothing at all
Picture blue eyes
Love hurts
Baby, you need a friend
Baby, for hearts
There must be an end
Oh, you′re waiting
Forever and ever
I know it′s now or never
Try me
′Cause I know you′ll make it, babe


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