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Busta Rhymes - Genesis

[Busta Rhymes]




As we welcome you after the future
Oh! we come to give you that
Operating like we be official
Yeah! we come to mutiply
And were planning a scheme for the long win
Yeah!our shit be always right
Every move you′ll see how it′s related




[Verse 1]
While we continuosly stay sculpturing bombs
Love, unconditional greetings with opening arms
And for my worthy niggas i′m a die tyrin for ya′ll
With the blessing of an angel tear cryin′ for ya′ll
Back to the foundation, takin you, wander back where it all started
With a whole new beginning and a brand new hunger
Starving to where my skin was suffocating my ribs
Now we got bitches interior decorating my crib
Touch the love I got like you holdin my heart in my hand
And watch my manifest that shit was all a part of the plan
The fashion that I choose to deal with this shit
Sometimes it′s so hard to describe the passion that I feel for this shit
How many struggles I survived just to eat this meal
Never thought ya′ll maybe thinkin′ that it could be this real
Flipmode up in this bitch now let me make you aware
Too late for turning back my nigga cause we takin′ it there


[Busta Rhymes]
And leave!

[Verse 2]
And leave a mark until it′s deep in the floor
Ya′ll niggas fucked up never should′ve let let me get my feet in the door
And then I step through, fuck wiping my feet at the door
I be the deacon i′m beatin′ niggas and speaking of raw
Strictly raw shit is what niggas be seeking me for
testing my strenght, that′s what the devil′s trying to weaken me for
C′mon, yes! and ya′ll off to the next step for sure
Rep and make you wanna accept more
Niggas analyze the jewel that I reveal in a rhyme
I′m like something that has evolved about a million times
Peep the display with all the new features
The way we really doin it, these mu-fuckas probably wouldn′t believe it
Flipmode Squad by all means I pledge of allegiance
With the great feeling of people like the comin′ of Jesus
While a lot of other niggas don′t be telling you nothing
That be the same bullshit that′s always pushin′ my buttons
Godly is how we rep this undeniable force
You like a weak preacher, sware, you smack dead on a cross
Smack ya fingers for tryin′ to put your hands in the sauce
Sometimes i think that it would be best if you run
And do yourself a favor, cause you got your whole life ahead of you son!
A whole new thang starting for me
Smell so much ass in a spot, the beat got the world fartin′ for me
When I spit you know I always love to gun a shit hard
While you loving, hating niggas trying to tarnish the God
I know some dudes that would love to bring the hatred to ya′ll
While I continue to bless you with shit that′s is sacred to ya′ll
Even if I had to bend you in place
I always put it down and rep my niggas from the most genuine place
From my street corner niggaz to my live niggas everywhere
Too late for turning back, we takin′ it there


[Busta: repeat 35X]


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