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Boyzone - So Good

I′ve heard it before
And you′re telling me no, and I′m crazy
We′re talking too fast
We′ve just got to take it nice and slow
Sit back let it flow now

Don′t be misunderstood
When baby, maybe, you know...

We′re gonna be
so good
Like I knew we would
Like only we could
Come on and hear me now
Gonna be
so good
Cos it′s understood
Like I knew we should

So good
now, baby...

No matter the cost
When we′re out on the town
Getting lazy
I′ll show you who′s boss
We′re just gonna take it all away
No matter what they say now

Be so good
Be so good now


So good
Cos it′s understood
You know we′re good...


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