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Ashley Tisdale - Over It

[Boy] Hello?
[Ashley] Hey you know what? I dont need this. I can not believe you.
Over her and why you gotta lie about it? Thats it I′m
over it

Everytime I saw you I tried to pretend
Now I think your caught in a spin.
Said that I could trust you be my everything fallin from the shadows.

Now I think.

All those times wasted and you tried to hide it from me
How can′t you say it how can′t you do it never really
Had me im
over it
so why is it so hard to see all the lies
Your tellin me now im gettin out im movin im
over it

Try to walk away but my heart was sayin no
Cant belive it took so long to go
Now the past is fadin
I hardly know your name
Dont know what your doing
You lost the game


I dont care for you ever im over it
Why it yah im over it

[Chorus x2]
Im over it
Im over it


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