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Anberlin - Stationary Stationery

Do they not have pen or paper where you are?
Because I haven′t heard from you in ages
I relive each memory from time to time
Read notes exchanged
With all those scented pages
It′s coming back, it′s all coming back to me now
Tell me everything turned out alright
Because I′m where we said
that we′d meet tonight
Does he treat you like you want?
Does he ask to take your hand?
Does he believe in dreams we talked about?
When with no music we danced
I thought you said that you′d come find me
I thought you said you′d be home by now
I heard you sang that you′d come back here
So I wrote to remind you to somehow
Dance by yourself and think of me when you do
I′m not sure you understand
what this means to me, what you do to me
But I′m willing to prove
that you′re the one
I regret to slip away
Now I know it was only you
that I′ve been searching for
Been missing all this time
Let the past be past
Let′s start today
Letters won′t do
I need to see your face
Tell me where to meet
And I′ll tell you why we should be


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