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2pac - Intro

: News Reporter

In today′s music news.
The ever controversial Tupac Shakur has just released
another album under the alias Makaveli.
Music insiders are running wild trying to rearrange other artists street dates,
in fear of a wipe out in inter-chart movement.

Although no one knows the exact cause of the new album,
resources tell me a number of less fortunate rappers,
have joined together in a conspiracy to assassinate the character,
of not only Mr. Shakur, but of Deathrow Records as well.

Nas, the alleged ring leader of, is furious of Tupac′s, excuse me,
Makaveli′s verbal assault, on Mobb Sleep, Notorious P.I.G.,
and several other New York rappers.
Jay-Z, from Hawaiian sophie fame, fake little whatever,
and several other corny sentimental motherfuckers,
are understandable shaken up by this release.

The question everybody wants to know is ...
why′d they get this nigga started.
Tupac, rather Makaveli, was not available for comment,
but did release this statement.

(heart beat starts)

Tupac Talking

It′s not about east or west, it′s about niggas and bitches,
power and money, ridahs and punks. Which side are you on?

(Six Shots)

You niggas is still fucking talking
You niggas still breathing,
Fucking roaches
Alright this is the raid on cockroaches


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